Vision,Mission and Values

Our vision

Leadership and excellence in charitable work, in the service of the sublime human humanitarian message of Islam, and pursuant to its noble values

Our message

A Kuwaiti charitable organization that seeks to achieve the conditions of Muslims in the world and seeks to improve the conditions of those in need among them, within a comprehensive sustainable development, based on its principles and the trust of its partners, and aspiring to leadership and excellence.

General Goals

  • The call to the Qur’an and Sunnah to understand the ancestor of the nation without excessive or extremism.
  • Purification of religion from misconceptions and warning people against heresies and wrongs.
  • Helping needy and needy families inside and outside Kuwait.
  • Relief for people in poor countries in need of food, drink, clothing and medicine.
  • Building mosques, digging wells, building schools and hospitals in needy and poor countries.
  • Ensuring orphans, especially in disaster-stricken countries affected by disasters and wars.
  • Developing poor societies in Muslim countries in the field of legal education and guaranteeing advocates and conservatives for the Book of God.
  • Building hospitals and health projects to improve health conditions in poor and needy countries.
  • Cooperate and coordinate with regional and international charities and foundations and United Nations organizations that strive to achieve the same goals
  • Gathering the ummah on the principles of Islam and its pure method, and inviting it to adopt an ideology, method and behavior.

Strategic Goals

  • Developing the internal work environment of the association.
  • Continue to improve the standard of living of the beneficiaries.
  • Establishing the society’s place in society. • Continue to develop financial resources in various ways.
  • Seek to transfer the association's programs from poverty care to its management.
  • Attracting distinguished and effective volunteer human capacities and competencies to work on implementing the association's programs.
  • Expanding the establishment and development of the association's branch offices to expand its activities and achieve its goals.
  • Providing the educational and advocacy environment suitable for youth and society that contributes to raising the educational and faith level of the individual and society.
  • Consolidating the values and morals of Islamic society and its customs, preserving its social fabric, and combating social pests, harmful habits and taboos.
  • Encouraging acts of righteousness and benevolence and advocating truth and justice in light of Islamic principles.
  • Gathering the ummah on the principles of Islam and its pure method, and inviting it to adopt an ideology, method and behavior.